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Our Community of Innovators

Welcome to LifeSpace Labs – the ultimate collaborative workspace for innovative thinkers! Our vibrant members come from all walks of life to share ideas, work together, and inspire each other with their endless energy and creativity. Get to know our members who are the heart of our innovator community, and join us to see what LifeSpace Labs has to offer

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At Helico, our goal is to unlock the innate ability of plants to become factories for medicinal compounds. Employing innovative research in computational biology and plant physiology, we've packed advanced manufacturing facilities in seeds to produce the world's most needed medicines with low-cost agriculture. 

We are a biodiversity company using plant cell agriculture to protect the planet & its inhabitants.

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At our company, we have embarked on a transformative journey to redefine the landscape of disease treatment. With a steadfast commitment to shifting the paradigm from merely treating symptoms to actively curing diseases, we are pioneering a new era in healthcare.


At MagniBiosens, we are passionate about revolutionizing  through the power of biosensors.

We believe that biosensors have the potential to transform how we diagnose disease, monitor health, and develop personalized treatment plans. Our team of committed scientists, engineers, and healthcare professionals is dedicated to developing innovative biosensor solutions.

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